Happy New Year!

As one year ends and another begins, I find myself canoeing down the “Happy Tears/Sad Tears” River. On one hand I’m  thinking, “Yay, thank goodness it’s a new year!” But another voice is quick to whisper,  “Geez, where did the year go?  There couldn’t have been 365 days in 2017!” Looking back at all I didn’t accomplish, the tasks left undone, and the goals not reached can be a debbie-downer. I truly want to be excited about the New Year, but I have unresolved issues, tasks, and goals from the year that just ended. Does any of this resonate with you? It is becoming very clear to me that unless we are willing to look back with introspection and self-reflection, how can we ever take to heart lessons learned, growth that occurred, and preparation for new mountains yet to climb?

So today, I have a New Year’s Gift for you — my “Toes in the Sand Beach Retreat” guide. You don’t have to go to a beach to allow this guide to change your life…but if you want to take it and hit the sand and surf, by all means, GO!  Here is how to make the most of this time:

  1. Clear a block of time. One hour, two hours, two days away. This guide requires ONE thing of you: Uninterrupted, Unhurried, Alone time.
  2. Identify your “Happy Place”. Where do you feel energized and inspired? Where do you feel peace that passes all understanding? When my schedule doesn’t allow me to go and put my toes in the sand, I escape to a local winery a few miles down the road and spend an afternoon.
  3. Bring your Beach Retreat Guide, a couple of pens, a blank journal, your Bible (optional), dark chocolate, wine, coffee (three of my personal faves), and  maybe even your favorite inspiring music.

Click HERE to download your FREE copy of My Beach Retreat Guide.  

When you get to the homepage, scroll down one inch and you will see a bright orange tab that says  “Receive Free Download”… just click there, enter your email address and your Retreat Guide will be sent straight to your inbox!

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